All Things Snowpalooza.

Our first snow of the season. It's always a little magical as it falls softly during the night.

And it's always a little awe inspiring when you look it from the morning glow of a newly christened Snow Day.

But by late afternoon, when you're out shoveling the driveway for the second time, it's not so fun. Fortunately, we employ child labor. They sometimes work hard. Sometimes, they goof off.

Sometimes, they are perfect little angels. Snow angels, of course.

Or hard-at-work-shoveling angels.

The best part of the first Snow Day is the evening glow with hot chocolate and warm sugar cookies in hand. We've also discovered that playing "Christmas Vacation" can cure most Bah, Humbug! inclinations.

Stay safe and warm as this storm comes winging it's way over to you.


Katie said...

I will so trade you! Come to TX and I'll go there. LOL

katarinas mama said...

*runs over and hugs the entire state of TX, announces* I'm here!!!

marye~ said...

Sounds perfect to me! Get my room ready because I'm buying my ticket as I type.
Sorry, I did live in MN for 3 years and am well aware of the drudgery of shoveling snow, it's just that for 30 ten years I've lived below the Mason Dixon line and the appeal of a snow is just too overwhelming!
I absolutely adore the girls jackets, we don't even get cute options like that down here. Come to think of it, only 1 of the 4 of us even owns a winter jacket much less an actual "snow suit" (quotes are for you know who!)
Thanks you for letting me take a small glimpse into what a "real" winter looks like.

katarinas mama said...

Oh, bb, come on over. The girls jackets are from Childrens Place. They're on sale now for $20. Awesome deal. And toasty warm. BTW, the Guest Room is all yours. *waits for you, tapping her toe*