All Things Recital Picture Day.

Bella's been having a tough time at ballet class, lately. Sometime a few months ago, she decided to experience separation anxiety. Suddenly, there was a lot of crying even when Ken or I were there inside the room watching her. Her wonderful ballet instructor, the saintly Ms. Diane, reassured us that this was just part of the process, well at least sometimes.

So we've stuck it out. And now, it's time for Recital. I know, I hear the choruses of "break a leg" from all of you and trust me, they are very appreciated.

Kata, of course, is the resident veteran of recitals. She is six years old and has been in five recitals to date. Pretty impressive dance resume, wouldn't you say? She's taken on the unofficial role as Bella's coach. Here are some snippets of conversation between the two sisters, all incidentally one sided - "Bella, you get to wear tons of make up. And your hair is in a special hair-do. You wear a pretty costume. And you get flowers at the end. It's so fun. I can hardly wait until next year's recital." Let's try and survive this year's, please.

So here they are on Picture Day, with gobs of make up on as advertised and all fluffed out in lovely costumes -

There was a moment of tears but we soon got over it -

The sainted younger Ms. Hayley (yes, there are two Hayleys, at least) talked Bella out of whimpering.

And Kata held Bella's hand as she took her over to the Picture Taking Room. Parents were not allowed in there and surprise, there were no tears shed at all.

Three hours later, we had at least two pictures taken of the girls. Hundreds of wipes ready to take off that stage make-up. One tired brother who exhibited ultimate patience while waiting through all the girly moments. And two pleased parents.

Wishing you a coaching moment. You can be on either side -the student or the coach. Try it and see what happens.

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