All Things Mother's Day Tea Party.

Last Saturday was Sunflower Preschool's annual Mother's Day Tea. This was my third one but my first with Bella. The best part was that it was just the two of us. The school asks you kindly to not bring siblings, but grandmothers, aunties and godmothers are all welcome. You can imagine the sea of pretty dresses and chatter.

Speaking of chatter, below is a picture of Bella's current BFF - Violet. Her twin brother, Kai, didn't feel like posing with the coy little duo. I don't blame him. Violet and Bella have tons in common - they obsessively collect rocks at every recess, share a common affection for the colors purple and yellow and enjoy a good bout of separation anxiety at Drop Off. Hooray for friends you can start collections with, share color charts with and scream with...I have a few of those friends still in my life.

So while the moms finish their muffins, fresh fruit, and coffee, the kids are rounded up in front of the school to sing their little hearts out. It's really very touching and I can personally guarantee that there is not a single dry eye in the audience.

Then the kids rush forth carrying their special Mother's Day creations. Bella's been working on hers for weeks. Every day when I picked her up she would mention that she's working on a "special project that's a secret..." and then she'd add "they are note cards just for you, Mama."

Note the pride in her face as she handed over her special present.

The celebration goes by too fast but every minute is a precious memory for both of us.

At the very end as we were walking back to the car, she asked me to take a picture of our shoes. When I asked her why, she replied, "Because today was nice. It was just you and me, Mama. Just you and me." So here's proof that it was just Bella and me.

Here's to a little You and Me Time. Find it. There's truly nothing like it.

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