All Things Father's Day Pizza Lunch.

Sunflower Preschool has a long standing tradition that right before their Summer Break, the students put on a performance for their dads. This is the concept behind Father's Day Pizza Lunch.

And let me take a second to apologize for the sheer volume of pictures. Consider it an added bonus. I'll try to keep the words sparse, as a result.

Note the joy and pride in Bella's face as she spies Ken.

There's just no hiding that "there's my Daddy" expression.

Ken took these photos and did a wonderful job with my anniversary gift camera, which I love dearly. He didn't drop it once. I had to add that because it's exactly the warning I gave him before he left.

They sang three Daddy-themed songs.

And then with great pride, they handed over their handmade gifts.

Look at that face! She's been working on her Father's Day project for a week and a half. It's a beautifully decorated frisbee for them to throw back and forth.

Already, she's learning that it's all about the effort you put into the project. And please note the pride in all of the dads's expressions. It's wonderful to see all these fathers gathered for an important lunch.

Can you imagine all of their Google calendars blocked off for a Very Important Client Meeting?

And here's Ken's VIP client, herself -

Ken said she was hungry. And there's a rule. Two slices of pizza for each dad and one for each kid.

Guess who ate his second slice of pizza?

Sorry for the pic spam. For us, these photos are truly more important than words. Wishing you that second slice of pizza, handed over with love.

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