All Things Curly-Q.

There comes a time when all girls with straight hair want curls. And vice-versa, I suppose. For our family it's all about getting that straight hair curly.

Kata was very patient. I rolled the curlers with the collective experience of my grandmother and mother before me. My hands well versed in the movements. I mean why did I have all those dolls when I was little?? All that practice on their vinyl heads came to fruition at last.

And voilà (a term we're using a lot these days) after a good night's sleep in the softest of curlers, we had little Ms. Curly-Q.

She didn't complain one bit and was super proud. She's learning early that beauty sometimes is worth a little pain. I can hardly wait when her hair dye, eyebrow tweezing years are upon us.

Enjoy a moment of opposite. Do something that's the exact opposite of what you would normally do - try it. Go on.


RR said...

What a cutie! She looks like she's love'n those curls!

katarinas mama said...

Uncle Ricky, yes, she's pageant ready. Not that she'll ever do that or be a cheerleader or...basically, I need to get her ready for nun-hood. :)