All Things Quidditch.

Alex had been waiting for what seems like forever for his Harry Potter birthday party. And finally, the day came. Thanks to one of my online friends for her recommendation, we had Harry Potter light up magic wands for the boys. They also had Harry Potter glasses and to add to the mix, I made them Triwizard Tournament jerseys (don't ask, it was one of those crafty moments for me).

The first thing they wanted to do was rush outside and play. My friends son (below) dressed like Han Solo. How adorable was he?? He had the white shirt, blue pants, boots and vest. I loved it! Yes, yes, there was even a blaster.

The four wizards (Alex is second from the left) were totally prepped for their magic filled moments. And Kata, acting as none other than Hermione, held the paper with all the magic spells used in every Harry Potter movie. And yes, she was "coaching" the boys from way up high. Nothing like a little sister.

My best-est Mommy Friend on the entire planet, the illustrious Ms. Brandi, not only drove two plus hours to bring her kids over but carried with her the much coveted Mommy Juice. How appropriate because she coined the very term. These are actual wine juice boxes from Tarjay. The merlot was not bad when chilled but the cab, well, just so-so. We so needed it with eight kids and one daddy who just wanted to watch the NHL playoffs.

The cake from Biggest Little Cake Shop rocked!!

And the friends gathered around...

And the candles were lit...

And a very serious wish was made (aside - I love his face in this shot)...

Thanks to his friends and sisters, Alex had a very magical birthday indeed. Now go practice a few spells yourself - expellaramus! Let's see who will look that one up.

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