All Things Mommy's Birthday.

We've been so busy with School Year Ending activities that I haven't had a chance to blog. So I thought I'd go back a few days, okay, two weeks, and talk about my birthday. Now,most of you know that I like the Blessed Event to pass without much notice. And my darling husband knows this most of all.

So in the morning, the kids and Ken all came in carrying lovely homemade cards, which truly need to be a separate blog post of their own and a gift. I loved my gift. Go look up at the header. Yes, two lovely bands which remind me of what I treasure most. One is the Latin wording of "love conquers all" and the other, well, you should recognize - the kids names. Ken knows how to follow a link to here, rather well? Lisa makes the most amazing jewelry and I'm a huge fan.

Well, I didn't expect much more, certainly nothing that could be deemed celebratory so when Ken walked through the door at four o'clock and said, "Come on, we're taking you out to dinner." I dropped that box of family sized Kraft Macaroni and Cheese as fast as my manicured fingers would allow me.

So off we went, to drink a well deserved and delicious Bellini. And eat...what else...macaroni and cheese?? But, these were shell shaped for the mermaid fixated six year old.

And to eat meatballs the size of, well, our kneecap.

We smiled and laughed and used our best manners. In fact an older couple at the next table came up to me to thank me for having such "beautiful and well behaved children". I glanced around to make sure that they weren't talking about the other family of five who was sitting close to us. No, they assured me, my kids. That would've been the best present of all.

But, they brought out chocolate cake. Mhmmm.

Take a moment and enjoy the frosting.

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