All Things Bear, Literally.

We kept hearing wailing police sirens this morning. And I truly didn't want to know what could be disturbing the peace of our little suburban sprawl neighborhood. But, literally just down the street from us, why not even a mile down the road, a 300-lb black bear was wandering looking for food. Here's the news story. [Side Note - five men to lift the bear, WoW.]

My friend captured these photos of the tranquilized bear. Look at those claws!! Yeeesh.

Anyone else curious about those amazing NV Department of Wildlife dogs in the back? They are certainly working dogs. I like the one on the left, he seems to be taking a break.

So what can I possibly add to this?? I could pull from Goldilocks and the Three Bears and tell you that if you eat someone else's porridge, bears will come after you. Perhaps, all we had here was a simple tale of a porridge thief.

Enjoy your weekend and be careful in those dark woods out there.


Ladybug said...

At least its never a dull moment!!

katarinas mama said...

Never ever a dull moment in Suburbia!!! That's for sure :)

Katie said...

That is crazy!!