All Things Pawsitively Outstanding.

A pause to get all braggy about one of the kids. I know and you, yourself are pausing to think - what again?

Alex had a wonderful year in Fourth Grade. He has grown so much this year both physically and mentally. And in the last week of school, he received the Student of the Month award. What a way to represent a year full of reaching Above and Beyond. Sometimes, we all felt his strain as he learned a new concept or struggled with something that was just a bit out of reach. But, he made it through and we're so very proud.

So in tribute, I thought I'd present you with:

Ten Random Facts About Alex at Ten Years of Age -

  1. He likes everything having to do with Harry Potter. And he finished six of the seven books during this past school year.

  2. He still loves all things Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Narnia.

  3. He no longer plays with his stuffed animals.

  4. His stuffed bear, a.k.a. Rainbow Bear still sits on his bed.

  5. Rainbow Bear has survived preschool, a move to a new state, too many time outs to count and a hernia operation (Alex's not the bear's) at Oakland Children's Hospital. Yes, Alex got to bring him in. I think Rainbow Bear may go to college with him.

  6. He no longer orders vanilla ice cream. His tastes have expanded to include mint chocolate chip and cookie dough.

  7. He still drinks water only. No milk. No juice. On occasion, a Gatorade after soccer.

  8. He plays soccer, basketball and Quidditch.

  9. He wants to be in choir next year.

  10. He's an all around great kid, who bugs his sisters but loves nothing more than running to pick them up from school.

And as an extra bonus - Braggy Mama had to share his book report for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. A shoebox diorama. Very, very cool. He worked hard on the diorama and even harder on the write up. Picture trying to summarize an 870-page book on the walls of a shoebox. The fact that he actually accomplished it sums up Alex, in a nutshell.

Now, go ahead, I dare you sum up your life right now. Don't think too hard. Give me Ten Random Facts, or even five, or okay, one comment. Either way, enjoy the current randomness that makes up unique little you.


RR said...

Very very cool!

He is growing up so fast... He looks even bigger in these pictures than when I saw him a couple months ago!

By the time I get out there in Aug, he'll probably have grown another inch!

katarinas mama said...

Thanks Rick! Yes, he's just maturing awfully fast. Wait until you see the girls in their ballet costumes. Look for that post later this week - LOLz.