All Things For the Love of Harry.

Alex and I have been busy reading through the Harry Potter series. It's my second time through the books and his first. And I have to admit that sharing it with him has made them even better. Hard to believe, I know, but oh so true.

We just finished my personal favorite - Goblet of Fire. I mean, what's not to love? There's a competition...pause to remember how obsessed we became with the Olympics? See here and here for verification (as if you would need it). See there's The Triwizard Tournament. Then the Yule Ball and what girly girl doesn't love a ball? And there's a wonderful, slightly dark, climactic ending. Plot perfection.

Conveniently, Alex had a book report due this week so on Sunday, he decided to use Goblet of Fire for the report. Book reports are no longer the one page summaries I seem to recall from my late elementary school years. All of his teachers have been beyond creative in their approach to report writing and presenting. How times have changed, folks, and for the better.

For this one, he had to place five things that described the book into a paper bag and decorate the bag to resemble the book's cover. And yes, there was a write up of the five items. I mean it is after all a Fourth Grade Book Report. Next year, I am certain he'll be tackling a thesis.

Here's his version of the Triwizard Crest -

And from Left to Right, clockwise, please - gillyweed, one side of the paper bag book cover depicting a dragon and Harry, Tom Riddle's tombstone and the back cover. Don't you love how he depicted Harry's leg underwater?

I know, I know, I'm just a proud Mama but I just love these Creative Outbursts. And yes, there were two more items for those of you counting - a plastic dragon and the handy Minature-Stanley-Cup-Posing-As-A-Triwizard-Cup. He gets to do his presentation on Tuesday. We all wish him luck and we know he'll do just fine.

In the mean time, Ms. Future Engineer to the Stars was busy on the spare PC. Yes, this is the same kid who at three years of age, blew my internet settings to the point that no one on this planet could fix them and I had to do a complete re-install. Mhmmm, not to mention that I used her deviant behavior as an excuse to purchase a second, larger hard drive. So I really should thank her in the end. It's amazing that she's lived to see six years of age after that crash.

And then Ken and Bella. They were down in the Family Room playing...any guesses? Go Fish, of course.

Note the joy on Ken's face? It was a No Sports On TV moment except for the U.S. Men's Figure Skating Championship. The NHL All Star game didn't start until later. Such a good Daddy, eh?

Wishing you a moment where you do that thing you do well. You know the one. But do it creatively and with a lot of panache while you wait for something better and more interesting to come along. You just may find, as we often do, that the very thing you're doing is better than that thing you were waiting on.


Letters to Twilight said...

WOOOOW times have changed. i LOVE that book report idea and almost want to do it as an art project for some books i like (twilight! HA).

snaps for teachers!


katarinas mama said...

Amazing isn't it, how cool school projects are these days. Yeah, makes me want to put an apple, plastic dog chew toy and ummm...I'll stop. Love your blog Moonisdown...both of them, as you know from my comments. So cool, so funny, so stinking good. Thanks for the my morning mirth.