All Things Just Because.

A package arrived in the mail a few days ago. A package that had some special items for our Just Turned Six Year Old. Uncle Dave and Auntie Angie sent her a birthday gift that only an auntie could pick out (sorry Dave, I know the Male Riggsby Gene well by now and I know you just shrugged when shown the gift...LOL).

First, it was fabulously purple and pink. Second, it contained all sorts of delights. Everything from a guitar shaped make up container to a cell phone shaped lip gloss container (the little brush was the antenna). And it was all Hannah Montana themed.

Kata, Bella and I fizzled into a fit of girly giggles and squeals as we unwrapped the contents. Our favorite item was the lovely package of press on nails which we immediately had to try.

Just wanted to give a great big thanks to Auntie Angie and Uncle Dave for enabling this first milestone - press on nails. Yeah, we hadn't gone there before but now we're truly delighted at the possibilities of not dealing with the screeching pleas of "Mama, please polish my nails!" We can just press them on. Brilliant.

Wishing you a milestone, press on moment where you literally - press on, mentally or physically. And I hope the moment contains glitter because we find that a little sparkle is always a good thing.


Freeman Family said...

I love girls!!

katarinas mama said...

Did you notice how the nails were applied upside down? Yeah, stubborn girl wanted to see the designs facing her.

Girls, indeed!

Freeman Family said...

That makes perfect sense!!

katarinas mama said...

Only to you Ms. Kathy, only to you!!! LOL.