All Things Shooting Two.

Alex is fourth from the Right.

Ken had arranged for Alex's Cub Scout Den to go and be the Color Guard for the Big Horns, Reno's NBA-D league team. Watching nine Fourth Grade boys get excited to be on the same floor as actual basketball players is certainly a sight to behold.

One of the players came up to the boys during warm ups and started messing around, getting them to take shots.

And he convinced the boys to try to guard him.

And then joked around with all of them. How wonderful for him to take the time out, right before an actual game, to pay attention to a group of gangly little boys...his Mama should be proud.

Before we knew it, the time had come for the players to be announced. The boys formed a line and got high-fived by not just the Big Horns but the visiting team as well.

Afterwards, it was their turn to stand perfectly still and salute the flag during the National Anthem. Alex is second from the right and yes, he actually sang along to the words. He's known all the words for a while. I mean, the kid attended San Jose Sharks games in utero. And yes, for the record, he can also sing "O, Canada."

What an impressive sight to behold.

The Big Horns management team treated all the boys to thunder sticks. Those little inflatable tubes truly make a thunderous noise when smacked together. And mhmmm, it can irritate an already existing mommy-headache, thank you very much. Some of you may note the logo says Kings. The Big Horns are the development team for the Sacramento Kings.

Let's not leave out the little sisters. Ah, but we must take away an even half a dozen thunder sticks so we can torture the dog along with our Mama.

The final bit? Well, as most of you know from attending sporting events, there are giveaways. Always giveaways - t-shirts, balls, gift certificates. And in the spirit of Ken Must Win Something When It's Thrown Within A Ten Foot Arm's Reach Vicinity of Him, he won a Bottomless Nacho Party at Chevys. Of course, it came complete with an accessory - the ever popular Chevys sombrero which Kata snagged as her own.

Wishing you an arm's reach victory of sorts. And I truly wish you were all here for the Bottomless Nachos Party. Just the name alone begs definition.


Julie said...

Hey, k'smama! It's Julie from t'moms! How I have never visited your blog after all this time?! You have such a great blog -- your children are just precious! Nice to see you over here -- see you again soon for more Twilight talk! :)

katarinas mama said...

Julie! You're a kick!!! It's been great getting to know you. Yes, don't worry I'll still be around for Twi-talk ;-D!