All Things Peace and Quiet.

Ken knows when I've reached my limit of sanity and need an hour or two away from the kids. The other night, I decided to use my much needed Quiet Time and escape to a bookstore.

I was hoping that all three kids would stay with Ken. The girls, of course, wanted nothing more than to stay at home with Daddy and watch hockey and eat tortilla chips. But Alex, asked me where I was going and when he heard bookstore he asked in his most proper, Cub Scout, altar boy voice, "May I please go with you?"

Moment of Peace and Quiet meet the verb Shattered.

But when we got to the store, we both settled in with our respective stacks of books (we both like things semi-orderly) and began to read. Every once in a while, Alex would come over to me or I to him and we'd share a particularly interesting or funny paragraph.

When I looked at my watch, I realized an hour and a half had gone by. As we descended down the escalator, I noted how much he'd grown in these almost ten years. How mature he'd become. And how much alike we were in spite of our obvious chromosomal differences.

I was glad that he and I had this shared moment of peace and quiet and yes, I am wishing you one just like that. Look for it.


Ladybug said...

WOW...what a breath taking moment to realize how much your kids are just like you in certain ways. He to must have needed some quiet time!

katarinas mama said...

Ladybug!!! Thanks for the comment. It was one of those WOW Moments, indeed. You know how it is with Zach...all of a sudden you realize that you and your boy child DO have something in common!! LOL.

And yes, he probably did need the Quiet Time, too.

Freeman Family said...

What a treat to spend a few moments with just one child!!

katarinas mama said...

Isn't it just that, Ms. Kathy! It is a fat-free, inexpensive treat. And one I promise to do more often.

BookMamma said...

Lovely. I can't wait for when mine are old enough to share a moment like that... and then I CAN. Because time sure does fly.

Sidenote: I love his haircut!

katarinas mama said...

We're growing out his hair...cool rocker style.

And your moment will be there before you know it!!

CADutchy said...

Soph-Have so enjoyed reading your blog. The Riggsby kids' antics coupled with your wonderful insights and views always make me smile and laugh!

katarinas mama said...

Thanks CADutchy...you with no profile...hmmm...now let me think *taps chin* who calls me "Soph"?

Glad I provide a chuckle or two. I really do enjoy my comedically timed life. And hey, this is easier than scrapbooking.

Love all things geeky. Stop by any time. LOLz.

CADutchy said...

Yes it tis IT-R. Former member of the hiking club and consumer of your mom's fabulous oatcakes also lovingly referred to as hocky pucks. Was in a rush so didn't get to complete my profile but will stop by again soon. Just wanted to reconnect with an old and dear friend. Hugs----

katarinas mama said...

IT-R!! Oh, I'm so glad. I've missed you, my friend. Haven't had an oatmeal hockey puck in FOREVER. So glad we've reconnected. :-D Stop by anytime. And many thanks for actually taking the time to make a profile and leave a comment. So you - so thoughtful.