All Things Spotlight.

On the last day of Christmas Vacation, we were lucky to be invited to one of those inflatable bounce house places. Bella had a blast. And I got dizzy just watching her bouncing, up and down, burning off all that excess Cabin Fever energy.

The best part? The Karaoke Dress Up Room. Yes, our little darling went right for the pink sequined, fringed number. And trust me on this, her fashion sense will kick in later in life. I promise. She does have half of my genetic pool.

But she loved the spotlight, can't you tell?? It's all in the way she daintly holds her costume and looks afar...may that spotlight always find her.

Wishing you a moment in your very own spotlight. Go find it. It's out there.


Freeman Family said...

That's not Bella! She is so big!! I still think of her as a baby!!

katarinas mama said...

That's my Bella...she's just so mature...at 3.5 yo!! I know, I know...she'll be available for dates in about ummm, 22 years. LOL.