All Things The Second.

We celebrated Ken's birthday with his favorite homemade blueberry pie, vanilla ice cream and a circle of family all around him. It's so good that Maka was here to join in the fun celebrating her second son's birthday on the second day of the year.

In his line of work, accounting, the days after January 1st are filled with year-end, quarter-end and month-end tasks all of which need to be finished by a deadline made tighter because of the holiday. Bottom line - he works very very late on these days.

But somehow, he made it home in time for a quick celebration. Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband, daddy and son!

I had to include this picture (see below). While she was waiting for Daddy to come home, she fell asleep reading Cinderella. That's our literary little girl. Gotta love a nap on your colorful flannel sheets, dreaming of princes and shoes. Mhmm. I think I still have those dreams!

Wishing you all a winter nap filled with wonderful images and a plot that leaves you breathless when you wake up. Snuggle away, folks, winter will be over before we know it.

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