All Things Serendipity.

ser·en·dip·i·ty - (srn-dp-t) n. pl. ser·en·dip·i·ties
1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.
3. An instance of making such a discovery.

Sometimes, little moments of serendipity hit you and they leave you feeling oh so very happy. Like when you discover a new favorite drink at your neighborhood coffee shop. Oh, okay, ubiquitous corporate chain that I still love.

Well good old Starbucks came out with some new drinks including The London Fog Tea Latte. Oh my. A little piece of heaven in a frothy, steamy cup. I mean they had me at : black tea with citrusy Italian Bergamot but then they added a hint of lavender and a splash of vanilla syrup and topped the dreamy creation with milky foam. Oh my. Run, don't walk to your nearest store and try it. And think of Spring like I did.

Then as Kata and I dropped off Bella at her preschool, what was parked right smack dab in front of my giant-land-yacht-of-a-mama-vehicle?? Yes, it was a stupid, shiny Volvo. If you don't understand the reference, I apologize. It's from Twilight (oh no, I have not stopped talking about that movie and/or books, really you should know me better - LOL). And it's what the lead protagonist prefers to drive to school so he blends in with the other students. Nice. Thank you. Kata and I jumped up and down pretending that Edward was parked in front of us. I know, I know sometimes you just had to be there.

And then late in the afternoon of the same day, the UPS guy dropped off a package. And I thought to myself - I haven't ordered anything lately. But who doesn't love getting packages?

And as I opened it, I realized a darling, dear, sweet, beyond caring friend of mine sent me a Mommy Juice Cup. Okay, it's a glass but some of us like to think of it as the ultimate Sippy Cup. And yes, of course, that's merlot in there folks. Alex ran over and asked why it had a "S" on it and was it for Slytherin (a reference from Harry Potter, yes, we're all book obsessed). And then I laughed remembering how kids forget that their parents have first names - we're always just Mommy and Daddy.

So as I sit here I want to pass on a wish to you for a moment of pure, unadulterated serendipity when you least expect it, like it happened to me.


m~ said...

I did in fact try you tea recommendation, nice, very nice!
I lurve that you were that close to Edward's car. And yes, I'm sure he was there picking up the kids, lol!
Wow! A cuppy from a dear friend, aren't you the lucky one. I'd oh so love to get a package with a cup I could put a favorite beverage in and enjoy daily. Yes, how nice to have such dear a friend. Count your blessings my love!

katarinas mama said...

It's amazing how sometimes in the oddest of moments, serendipity shows up and knockknockknocks at your door. I've met some wonderful people that way.

As for Edward's car...you can only imagine the *squeees* that occurred when we realized that it was his car. Well, right, whatever. I know you get it!!

Packages out of the blue are the happiest treats on the planet. And I do count my blessings. But I need a reminder now and then along with a swift kick in the head.

Freeman Family said...

LOVE IT!! Totally jealous you got to be near Edward!! (I'm a Jacob girl myself) lol
Did the owners look at you like you were enjoying your cup a little early that day?
The best advice ever given was enjoy the little things because they go so fast! So enjoy pretending, enjoy reading and everything else that makes this life so wonderful!!

momcat133 said...

Very good post! We are in to the chai lattes in our neck of the woods, but I need to try your recommendation. We are actually trying to find an unsweetened tazo concentrate so we can partake at home guilt-free. So far not successful! I was also admiring the snazzy manicure in the photo of the mommy sippy cup...

katarinas mama said...

Okay Freeman Family, Ms Kathy, I just about spit out my iced tea at my screen. Yes, near Edward. And umm, what's with Team Jake?? Gotta convert you, definitely.

It was a mom from Sunflower Preschool's car. Yes, she got it for that very reason. We discussed how she could put STPDSHNY on her license plate (too many letters). But I loved having that parked next to big, dirty MAMATXI!!!

And Kathy, thank YOU for the reminder to be a silly mama every once in a while and enjoy the process a little more.

And my darling momcat133 - yes, try the London Fog Tea Latte. It's even fun to say. As for the mani - sometimes, we moms have to dazzle a little. Let me know if you find a source of unsweetened tazo.

Ladybug said...

Love the "mommy sippy cup" and I see the nails are still forever colorful!

katarinas mama said...

Oh Ladybug, Ladybug...yes, nails are still there...need to get them off again.