All Things Mad Science.

In one of those fluke-filled moments, I can continue our Science Themed posts because Kata went to a Mad Science Party this weekend. Truly, I was wondering what would I do without the opportunity to use precipitate or catalyst in a sentence. But fortunately, she got to make her own precipitate and it felt like what else in our parts? Yeah, snow.

The kids got to make their own polymer fibers -

Which they all knew as Goop...or Slime...or Things That Stain Mama's Carpet for $500, please -

And then it was time for the Big Rocket Launch...coundown...10-9-8...you get the idea.

Holy Toledo, that thing flew up-up-up and fortunately didn't land in someone's backyard but it fell discreetly in the marshland. I hear you...think green. I am certain it was all biodegradable. *coughs*

So after the party, Kata announced that for her first ever Science Fair project next year she wants to do "something that explodes". All I can say, please File Under - Things To Look Forward To.

Wishing you a moment where you act like you very own catalyst - go spark a reaction will you??

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