All Things Doughboy.

We live in a state that's been one of (if not the) hardest hit states in this economic downturn (Aside - Can we please just call it the Great Depression, Part Deux and get it over with?).

One of the first places to close up was our Krispy Kreme donut shop. I didn't miss it. But the kids just whined about it. Honestly, we didn't even go there a lot. But there were memories, of sugary treats after shots at the doctor's office, school field trips, and free donuts for an all As-Report Card. And there was sadness. I mean, yes, there were Other Donut Shops. Wal-Mart has donuts available on a 24 hour basis. But the donuts weren't the same.

I've been trying to teach my kids the concept of Good Things Come to Those Who Wait. With three kids in the house, a dog and a dad this is a worthwhile lesson. One day, while driving back from grocery shopping we noticed a sign - Doughboy Donuts. Hmm. They even had a drive-thru, which given our weather here is indeed a Good Thing.

So kids, Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

And these are even better than their Krispy Kreme counterparts. They're sugary and light and moist and mhmmm *full mouth still chewing*.

They're literally the size of Bella's head. Please note our sheer joy. It's sometimes those very simple things that bring us the most happiness on any given day.

Wishing you a moment of Simple Happiness. Indulge in it. Enjoy every sugary, fluffy, moist moment. We sure did.


momcat133 said...

mmmmmmm! donuts!

katarinas mama said...

Nothin' better somtimes, eh??