All Things It's An Honor To Be Nominated.

Alex made it to Science Fair Regionals for the second year in a row. They're hosted at University of Nevada, Reno and are quite A Big Deal in our small scientific community.

This year Alex's wanted to a project involving electricity. So without further adieu, we presented to the world -

The judges left some nice comments - good photos, well explained.

But, Alex didn't place this year or even get the Honorable Mention he was awarded last year. Nonetheless, as they say at all the top award shows, "It is just an honor to be nominated."

We were proud of him for completing another Science Fair project and placing second at his school. And for making it to Regionals. Note how proud the girls were. There's no hiding sisterly pride, eh?

To give you a scope of all the Science Projects, here's the shot. This is the arena where our Wolf Pack play their basketball games and it was packed with all the first and second place winners from Northern Nevada's elementary schools . There were actually separate rooms for the middle school and high school projects. The older kids projects, you ask?? Well, they were literally out of this world. Incredible young minds. I hope they are nurtured and go on to change the world.

So we celebrated our nomination, with what else?? Ben and Jerry's.

Because ice cream, so cold and sweet is a successful science project all its own. And it helps make a terrific consolation prize.

Many thanks to Grandma Sandi, who drove all the way from her home to be here with us for this important occasion. Not to mention that she sponsored our sweet ending!

And then we drove through our famous arch. Because, well, we can. And I know I'm always taking pictures of our beautiful Sierra mountains. But we do have other just as well known landmarks. Last night as we drove through, I snapped the photo below. Nice, eh?

Wishing you a moment where you are nominated. And if the results turn out to be not what you wanted, be sure to wash down the bitter with something sweet and well as in our case, something also twinkly. If your name can't be in lights, then by all means place yourself underneath some anyway because, well, you can.

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