All Things Twilight (yet again).

Just checking in to make sure that you got your copy of the Twilight DVD. I mean, honestly, you should. Alright, it's my thinly veiled attempt to generate even more revenue for Summit Entertainment. Not that they need it.

The day before the DVD's release, Kata and I got our nails done with the appropriate Dazzle Filled Theme. Honestly, my nail tech did a better job than ILM in making things Glitter. Hmm. Perhaps my nail gal can work the special effects in the next movie - just a thought?

We stopped by Wal-Mart and touched all the new merchandise and our Bella posed next to Twilight's Bella. File Under - Things That Are Apropos.

And then the next morning I rose...(see the glow of dawn?)...to go to Target because I wanted the Blu-ray version and only two stores were carrying it, Target and Best Buy.Of course, our Pocket Edward had to make an appearance. Because after all, it is his movie. *giggles*

I have to add that Twilighters are some of the nicest fans. There were about thirty of us waiting for the store to open and I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. I've also made some incredible on-line friends all because of this shared passion (you know who you are because you are reading this right now and yes, I'm sending all of you (((hugs)))).

We got our two copies. One for us and one for a friend who was working and couldn't get away. And hey, our bonus?? We got the digital copy with it! Go Tarjay. I knew there was a reason I've dropped literally thousands of dollars there over the years. Now, I can watch it on my iPhone.

The girls were so excited that they wore their Twi-tees for two days in a row. Please note they picked out different styles. Kata loved the movie poster picture. And Bella, my Bella, picked out the one that said Team Edward. It can't get anymore perfect, can it?? Nope. Not for us.

Wishing you a moment when you indulge in your passion whatever it is and really delve into it. And I hope you make new friends because of it. I can't tell you how much fun I'm having with this shared moment of sheer obsession. I mean look - aren't we all happy?? I love being a crazy, silly Mama sometimes. Hope you have a crazy, silly moment today.


Valerie(momof3crazykids) said...

Love this post!I love that you two got your nails done in Twilight colors!!

katarinas mama said...

Yes, well, the mounting obsession is evident. I've even ensnared the kids!!