All Things Green.

Neither Ken nor I have too much Irish heritage (for the record of those who care and will correct : me = none, Ken = possibly some) but ever since we had Alex, we have found ourselves celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I mean doesn't everyone regardless of their heritage??

While other people enjoy more traditional Irish fare, we go for the whateverisgreen we'll eat it concept. And if it's not green, then we will make it green, darn it.

Like our eggs -

Or our pancakes - please note the shamrock shape. I did it with a squeeze bottle. Brilliant. What would I do without my Mommy Friends and their creative idea?

And we ate our emerald green concoctions as our very favorite meal - Breakfast for Dinner.

Alex, who is learning the recorder in Music class at school, treated us to an Irish ditty and yes, the ubiquitous "Mary Had A Little Lamb".

And Bella. Well, what is Bella hiding in her hand there??

Bacon, of course! It wasn't green though, so she didn't want to show it.

Wishing you a moment of pure imagination where you just let those wild thoughts fly. Flap those wings. Trust me, the thoughts will take off on their own. And umm, trust that there will be a soft landing.


Rob said...

Since you had the green eggs, the only thing missing was the ham!

(Sorry, our toddler has just discovered this book so it's on my brain a lot lately.)

katarinas mama said...

Hi Rob - thanks for the follow on Twitter, too!

Of course, of course...the ham!! We did celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday that way, too. We love Dr. Seuss...of course!!

Our favorites are "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?" and "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb"...my youngest is just past that stage.

But my oldest is reading Harry Potter and the middle-est is finishing Coraline. So all is good in the world beyond Dr. Seuss!!