All Things Blue and Gold.

Alex's Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner was held a few weeks ago and a terrific time was had by us all at the Western themed event.

The kids got to wrangle some "rattlers".

Notice the excited expression in Kata's face for the Cow Pie Flinging Contest.

And notice Alex's lack of enthusiasm at the same contest. Like mother, like son. I don't like dung. Even when I can freely fling it. But Kata (see below) what an arm!! Yes, it went in.

Bella had just woken up from a very late afternoon nap. And she was so Not In the Mood.

Nothing like a chicken drumstick to tear into. I know that you're in touch with that feeling. Yum. Bite. Tear.

And then it was our Den's turn for the Cake Auction. And they were really excited because they'd already received the Most Frosting Award.

And hey, the cake fetched a respectable $35, the third highest bid. Note our excitement!!

Wishing you a moment where you can tear into something and thoroughly enjoy it!


Lorraine said...

LOVE cowboy hats on boys. Love them better on men, but that is another posting...

katarinas mama said...

Yee-haw, darlin'!! Woot. Yes, I could do a posting for you *giggles*.