All Things Picture Day.

Do you remember Picture Day in school?? Well, here are our Fall School Pictures. Alex in Fourth Grade - all cheesy smile in a grown up outfit.

And Kata, oh our Kata. It was her Very First Picture Day...she was ::so:: excited, can you tell?

And yes, at some point Bella's preschool will do a Picture Day although they haven't done one yet.

Wishing you a moment where you can remember all those school photos and the clothes and hair styles that go with them.


momcat133 said...

A handsome dude and a beautiful dudette! We have ours next week... we don't get to pick the outfit this time - that happens in the spring!


katarinas mama said...

I can hardly wait to see your kid pics...don't the memories come flooding back...us in braces and pony tails...or mine was forever a pixie cut...thanks Mom!!! ;-D

RR said...

What a pretty little girl!! I love the dress... it great!

katarinas mama said...

Yes, she picked the dress out herself...can't you just tell?? Let's try and match a background to that pattern, eh??