All Things Drip with Sunset.

I've been reading a lot of poetry lately. I have to admit that I miss writing it. I did so much of it back in my teenage years.

But last night's sunset (I know, not another sunset photo) was so spectacular that all I could think of was the Emily Dickinson poem that begins -

"How the old Mountains drip with Sunset..."

And I can't help thinking, as the U.S. government stalls to figure out how to unravel the financial market mess, another day sets and is gone. We are faced with the reality of a broken government, a broken financial sector, soaring prices on everything except housing and our dwindling 401Ks.

Please, register to vote and make sure on Election Day you do get out there and cast your vote. Don't let the sunsets go by without action on your part.

Okay, I am off the soap box and promise to continue the family style blog. Forgive me for ::having:: to say something.


Jhangora said...

Lovely Pic :)

katarinas mama said...

Thanks! We do have lovely sunsets here in the West.