All Things Fifteen Years.

On Thursday, Ken and I celebrated a milestone - fifteen years of marriage. Before we take our bows and accept congratulations, I have to admit that fifteen years ago, had I known how the journey we would go on, I would have been stressed out of my mind. It was bad enough that in perfect comedic timing, I was forty-five minutes late for my very own wedding ceremony. It's a long story best left for another time, and involving an incompetent, lost limo driver and one furious father-in-law-to-be.

But, Ken waited for me at the church and fifteen years later, we've also survived seven job changes, three pregnancies and births, infertility, layoffs, four moves occurring every four years (the last one out of state) and skin cancer. It's an impressive list of challenges to be sure. But the bottom line is that we somehow made it through it all and here we are on the other side of those bumps on the road of life. And now we know, the road will never be smooth but as long as we are there for each other along with the support system of our loving family and friends, we will make it.

Forgive the sentimental nature of this post, I've really been in a reminiscing mood lately. A few of my friends have asked me if there's still a spark, like when we first met. And looking at the man who stood in front of the altar with me, fifteen years ago, I'm here to tell you - heck ya, there's still a spark. True love does survive in spite of everything that is thrown at it.

Wishing you a moment of true love or a reminiscence of it. And if it hasn't found you yet, be patient, it's out there. I am here as a bona fide data point to confirm its very existence.


BookMomma said...

Many congratulations! That is an accomplishment like no other... hard work, passion, unconditional love, and the ability to hang in there through tough times.

Plus, you have a killer bob to boot! How CUTE is your hair in that photo???

katarinas mama said...

bookmomma - I love you! Thank you for the sentiments along with the terrific compliment...a good hairstylist is like a plastic surgeon, eh?