All Things Artsy.

On Sunday, we were treated by our fabulous dentists, Dentistry for Kids, to an afternoon at Art On Earth - an art studio just for kids. The minute I walked in, I felt at home. Colors. Clutter. Things to Squish and Smear. Oh yeah. And the best part? For this Type A Mama?? It's not my house - helloooooo???

Our kids, being not-so-very-shy creatures, fell right into the watercolor table and below are the results of their creative outbursts. And I know you want to know why our dentists sponsored this event. Well, they like to use the paintings as their decorations. Cute? Very.

And there was even time to play at the Clay Table. Alex made a dragon (fresh from watching "Eragon" with me). Kata and Bella googly-eyed smiley faces. Well, alright then.

And after snacks of cookies and water and many, many promises to brush our teeth that evening, we were back home.

Wishing you an afternoon filled with at least one, if not two, creative outbursts. Pick your own medium, please, there are so many to choose from and just remember to listen to that muse. I know I keep listening to mine.

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