All Things Full of Hot Air.

On Saturday we went to the Great Reno Balloon Race. It was our fourth one and as in the three preceding ones, we made Dawn Patrol which is basically five balloons testing the waters, if you will, of the air currents. For us it means a frighteningly early wake up time,
4:(bloody)30. As in the A of M, thank you very much.

But the view is worth it. You can see it in my banner this month. It's beautiful and dark as dawn slowly stretches its way across the sky. And the five balloons light up the night air over appropriately themed, piped in music. Yes, it's a spectacle worth the lack of sleep.

My friend from ADP, April, got to pilot her dad's balloon this year. It was wonderful to see her. I am so glad that we're still in touch.

Her son Ryan is six months younger than Alex, so they have an unusual bond. April and I were both first time moms and I was so glad to have someone at work with whom I could exchange all my new mom triumphs and worries. I think I can speak for April when I say we're both glad that they get along so well.

And Kata just sat back and enjoyed the show. The weather even cooperated and it was a balmy 58-degrees by the time Mass Ascension occurred.

The Energizer Bunny ears you ask, pray tell, what were those for?? Well, the Energizer Bunny was there alright...with his balloon (sorry no pics of said balloon this year) and he passed out plenty of bunny ears. Notice Bella's miserable look. She hated Mass Ascension this year. The burners scared her, even though we were no where near any of the flames. Funny little kid.

Alex, our experienced Balloon Watcher, just sat back and enjoyed every little bit. Smart boy.

The eagle balloon is always the first to rise greeted by the national anthem and this year we even had a flyover from the Reno Air Races (this weekend's event). It is majestic to watch the eagle rise above all of the other hundreds of balloons.

The entire time the balloons are getting ready and filled up, the sun slowly rises higher and higher above it all. It's just breathtaking.

There were officially over one hundred balloons this year. I encourage all of you to come and see it next year or catch a hot air balloon race in your neck of the woods.

Wishing you an uplifting moment today (oh, you saw that coming...everyone say "awww").


RR said...

Next year Jeff and I will have to make it up there!

Thanks again for a great weekend -- and letting me run in and out of the house!

katarinas mama said...

You two are more than welcome to stay here any time...I'd say bring all the cameras and equipment...it really is breathtaking...and just remember for Jeff that I do stock Excedrin for all those kid-induced headaches, he's sure to have just being around us!!!

BookMomma said...

Wow - those are great photos. I'll bet the kids will remember that well into their adulthood! There is something similar here but I've never taken the boys - reading this tells me I should!

katarinas mama said...

Bookmomma, all I can say its worth the effort...with three kids, there's always one in a cranky pants mood...but even Miss Cranky has been talking nothin' but balloons all week.