All Things First Position.

Bella is officially All Grown Up now. She goes to preschool and she gets her very own extracurricular activities. Here she is in her ballet class. Same instructor as Kata, the effervescent but tough, Ms. Diane. We (heart) her.

I know I've said this before but it bears repeating. Life lessons can easily be learned by observing children in a learning environment.

Lesson 1 - March to the tune of your own drummer. When everyone else is marching one way and you hear the option "now let's turn around." Don't change directions, just keep marching. It works for politicians and business people, why not you?

Lesson 2 - When it's not your turn (as in you have to wait for little sister's class to end before yours starts) be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

Lesson 3 - It is very helpful to keep in mind which side is left and which side is your right. This will help keep you on course.

Lesson 4 - Boys will not always like you. It's okay, one day there will be a boy who will. Trust me on this one. Obviously, this little boy didn't want to be partnered with anyone, including our mellow little Bellissima.

Lesson 5 - Good things come to those who wait. Kata was asked to help demonstrate a move for the little ones.

Lesson 6 - A variation of Lesson 1. When everyone else goes, you can choose the option to stay.

Lesson 7 - And when you decide to conform with the rest of the pack, be sure to always take a leading position.

Lesson 8 - Always, always be sure to jump for joy!

And so Bella's lesson ended and Kata's began. It's going to be a fun year with two hours of ballet each and every week. I'm going to get a lot of knitting, crocheting, reading and writing done. And the best part? I get to watch my kids grow up in front of my eyes.

Wishing you a moment to apply one of our Eight Life Lessons. Choose the one that challenges you the most.


momcat133 said...

Go Bella, Go Kata! Go Bella, Go Kata! Go Mama! Go Crochet! The activities have begun!

katarinas mama said...

I just ::love:: the fact that you and I share them...is tae kwon do at the same time as ballet...cuz that would be a moment of celebration worth its weight in Mommy Juice (meaning adult beverages of course!).