All Things Kicking It.

Another season of soccer has begun for Alex. For those of you keeping score, this is his fifth year of soccer. And he's on a different league this season. A much more serious league with actual jerseys and referees and everything. He loves it.

And he's playing better than ever before. See him? He's number four.

He actually stopped the ball from going out of bounds in the picture up top.

He loves playing defense, that's him in the middle of the defensive line. It's been extremely satisfying to watch him grow and stretch this season.

Wishing you a moment where you just "kick it" today...figuratively or literally - your choice. And yes, I am drooling over telephoto lenses for the new camera...perhaps for Christmas or Valentines Day...so this soccer mom can do justice to the sports photos...these incedentally, were taken by Ken...because I was at the two-hour ballet set of classes.


momcat133 said...

Go Alex Go Alex Go Alex!

katarinas mama said...

Isn't he something?? Finally...after five years...he's actually making contact with the ball...my non aggressive son!