All Things Fourth Overtime Period.

We're tired today...why, you ask? The usual Monday Blues??

On a typical Monday, I -
  • Drop Alex off at school
  • Guide the girls through a series of errands
  • Come back home, eat our Girl Picnic (Kata's name for what mere commoners would refer to as Lunch)
  • Set Bella down for her nap
  • Do what seems like is at least 100 loads of laundry, including completing the folding and putting away tasks
  • Pick up Alex
  • Dinner/Homework/Endless rounds of teeth brushing
  • Bed

You get the idea, I am sure.

But, today, I was tired. Very tired. Very, very tired. You see our San Jose Sharks played their last game of this season last night...and they (finally) played their hearts out...the game ended in a 1-1 tie...and so they went into Overtime...another 20-minutes of sudden-death overtime play, ending when either team scores...at least that's the theory.

But neither the Sharks nor the Stars scored...and so it went on and on and on for ::THREE: overtime periods...if your counting (or if you are Ken the Accountant) you have added up that it's 60 minutes of playing time...why, that's like another entire game!

So after sitting through a virtual hockey doubleheader...and with the clock ticking well past 11 pm (most bedtimes for moms-of-three hover around the single digits)...and I was feeling even more exhausted from all the nail biting panic I felt for a "mere" sports game...the Sharks got a penalty and BAM! Dallas scored.

Dallas moves on to face the Detroit Red Wings. And my Sharks go home. And I, already home, could finally shut my eyes and sleep.

Wishing you some rest and relaxation...and, please, let the Red Wings win...the Stars ::CANNOT:: move past them...it's a revenge thing so work with me!

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