All Things What the World Eats.

Since I've been staying at home these last almost four years, I've really delved into cooking...and lately been obsessed with a return to the way my Baka (grandmother) used to cook...all organic... she had no choice living in Yugoslavia...where a Farmer's Market was the norm...and you had a butcher and a baker...and a very small refrigerator...things were made fresh...and eaten immediately and graciously...

I often wonder what she would do with a microwave, a food processor and my Kitchen Aid mixer...I know she would love them all and use them...and wonder...why do we need fast food on top of all these conveniences???

Perhaps I'll even make jam this summer in her honor...

Here are some pictures from a Time Magazine's "What the World Eats" article from the book The Hungry Planet...click on the links it may be an eye-opener for you, as it was for me.

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