All Things Orthodox Easter.

When you're Eastern Orthodox, on most years you get two Easters...for the first one, that darn Easter Bunny visits and everyone eats too much sugar...for the second, you go to church and pray...and on Easter Sunday enjoy a fabulous Easter Dinner complete with yummy Greek Salad and Roasted Lamb...so delicious.

On Saturday, we colored our eggs...I got these little egg spinner things on clearance more so as a joke than anything else...but holy cow! they worked...and the mess was easier to clean...and they produced the shiniest eggs we've ever seen...fabulous stuff!

Below are some of our results...and yes, those are dry...fabulously shiny as I said!

And what would a holiday be without our love of All Things George Lucas showing through?? Okay, the kit was on sale at Target...but how can you not love a C3PO egg mask??

Baka and Djedo are here to enjoy the festivities...and also to wish Alex a belated birthday wish or two.

On Sunday morning before church, we had our traditional egg cracking game...it's quite scientific actually...everyone picks an egg...and then first you turn the tops towards each other while one person tries to gently (!) tap the others egg while exclaiming "Christ Is Risen"...and then you turn the eggs around and repeat the process this time saying "Truly He Is Risen."...

The one with the uncracked egg is announced the winner...the scientific part comes in as everyone tries to pick a winning egg...theories have been circulated on the amount of dye absorbed, etc...the bottom line is we just love this tradition!

Then it was off to church in our finery...yes, the girls dresses were shiny just like our eggs...hmmm, a pattern emerges.

The kids loved their big Sunday School tables...and mostly they loved the chocolate cupcakes and Peep centerpieces.

Alex and (his friend) Alex enjoyed more egg cracking fun...always a lot of Alexs in Orthodox churches.

Father George stepped right into the fray of egg cracking and led the children in the tradition...I told you it was a Big Deal on this holiday!

And then everyone ate...ethnic food is always sooooo good.

Time for a quick Easter Egg Hunt...Alex is off in the background...scurrying for more candy...see him?? Light shirt tan pants?? Yup.

Time to go home...and wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Easter one more time.

May Easter Blessings be everpresent in your life...enough sentimental stuff from this Sunday School teacher.

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