All Things Best In Show.

Kata's preschool had a Bring Your Pet to School Day...so our Becksie, much like Mary's Little Lamb, finally got his wish to go to school...he's been there often enough to pick up Kata but today was special because she got to talk about him and show him off to all the kids in the Kitten and Gecko classes.

Kata was worried all week long...that it would be like last year, when I sent her off with a picture of the, now dearly departed, fish...

"Yes, Kata."
"Are you really going to bring Beckham?"
"Yes, Kata."
"You're not going to send me to school with a picture of him?"
"No, Kata."
"'Cause last year, I was one of the kids in the circle...and I had to hold up a picture of the fish."
"Yes, Kata."
"But this year, you're really going to bring Beckham to school?"
"Yes, Kata."
"You're the best-EST Mama in the whole world!"

If only for a minute...let me bask in that comment...so we went to school...and she showed him off...and he was good and licked everyone...and smelled all the other dogs...and didn't bite. I'm hoping that Bella behaves like that when its her turn to go to Sunflower in September.

And the whole class got to say the word, "Bichon Frise." There you have it, folks. Wishing you a Best in Show moment.

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