All Things Mother's Day Tea Party.

Another year at Sunflower Preschool brings us the Mothers' Day Tea tradition...I personally love this celebration most of all...it's just the mommies, grandmothers and aunts...and only the students of Sunflower...they ask kindly that you do not bring any siblings...it's such fun to do things together,by ourselves...just Kata and I...so important to spend some time alone with each of the children and Ken and I try our hardest to do just that...even with our crazy scheduled life!

Here's Kata with her Gecko Class teacher, Ms. Lisa.

Kata's discovered a love for strawberries and that's all she wanted to eat, with whip cream, please...Mama's Little Girl!

Kata and Beau...ah, preschool romance...

Kata and one of her best friends, Tawni.

And then, in the words that Alex uses every day...it was "time for the show to begin"...(aside - Alex loves putting on "shows"...and directing films...if only we'd let him have a camera...for this oversight I am certain he'll thank me during his Academy Award accepting speech)...

Ms. Juanita is a bonafide storyteller who comes to Sunflower once a month...who knew she was so talented??? I had ::NO:: idea...she was incredible...bringing to life A Good Mother's Job Description...the text of the story can be found here...but not her vibrant storytelling and not the heartbeat of the drum accompanying the spoken words...it was an incredible experience.

But the experience was soon overshadowed by the sights and sounds of our little ones as they lined up to sing a medley of Mother's Day songs that brought a tear to the audience's eye...

And then it was time to leave and rush over to ballet lessons...but it was such a beautiful morning, clear and warm and filled with love...once again, I feel so blessed to have found the perfect, love-filled, creative environment for our children.

As we surrendered to a much more peaceful afternoon...having completed our two tasks for the day - go to Mother's Day Tea and Ballet Lessons...

I remembered something else I wanted to do...but this time it was a Mother-Son Date with Alex...to go see the new movie "Speed Racer"...it was based on one of my all time favorite cartoons...to this day any boys from my generation can tell you exactly what functions were deployed by each of the buttons on the Mach 5 steering wheel...and the girls of my generation can quote the ever annoying Trixie, "Oh Speed!"...it was a really good movie...and it was fun to do things with my two older kiddlettes...

Wishing you a moment where things just all come together...peacefully.

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