All Things Thank You and Idol.

Can you believe that Alex is almost done with Third Grade...tomorrow's his Last Day...wow!...how time has flown!!!

To thank his amazing teacher...I made a gift card holder...I know, I know...I always say I'm going to scrap and make cards and things...but while watching "American Idol" last night, I actually DID have a creative moment...and here are the results...

A gift card holder with a cute poem -

And because his teacher is pregnant with twins...and her oldest daughter, who is 3, goes to Kata's preschool...we ::had:: to do a Big Sister gift -

Pretty cute, eh? I am proud of myself for actually Doing Something About It!!!

As for last night's results on AI...all I can say is...once again all is right with the world and the right person won!!! Wooo-hooooo!

Wishing you a moment to Do Something About It...whatever, your "It" is...and oh yes, I'll be creating more Teacher Gifts...Kata's last day of school at Sunflower is in two weeks...yikes!!!


Patty Bennett said...

Great job! thanks for sharing!! :) and whooohooo David COOK! :) Patty

katarinasmama said...

Patty, I need to give you props for your inspiration!!! :-D

Veronica said...

I was so excited when cook won!! I love his music ;)

katarinasmama said...

Me,too, Veronica...it was an amazing ending...I totally teared up when they showed his brother saying, "That's my brother!!"