All Things Cuff 'Em.

It was our turn to host the Cub Scout Den meeting this week and I called the Reno PD to see if an officer can stop by and give the boys a talk about safety. Oh what a talk! He was wonderful and talked to the boys for 1.5 hours...they peppered him with questions and he showed so much patience in answering what was conservatively 314 inquiries...a minute.

Do you wear a bullet-proof vest? Where is your gun? Your pepper spray? Your taser? Have you used them all? You are like Batman!

He was so good to them...truly making them think about safety...personal and their friends...it was awesome...and then in the end...a certain little fella asked him if he could see his handcuffs...

Hopefully this is the first and last time I'll see him cuffed!

Wishing you a moment like Alex felt when he was UNcuffed...free and easy and a lot more appreciative of the fact that even his little wrists couldn't slip out of the handcuffs.


Mytutorlist.com said...

Lol, yes, let's hope this is the first and last time you see him in handcuffs. It's funny how happy he looks, huh?

katarinasmama said...

yup!! he's a kick my oldest!!!