All Things Fuzzy and Stuffed.

I don't know why Ken and I do the Things We Do sometimes...but after all the Easter celebrations, we decided to cash in Easter Bunny's gift certificate and Grandma Sandi's gift at Build A Bear Workshop.

Alex's Rainbow Bear has outplayed, outwitted and outlasted any stuffed animal we've ever owned. He got a fluffing...which was well deserved. That bear's been through a lot.

Bella was determined to find a dress...not for her bear, Lavender...but for herself...that's right, following in her Mama's footsteps...she thought that these itty bitty little bear dresses would fit her. Bless you child...much like your Mama, you may want to try the Big Girl section in another store.

Kata was ::thrilled:: to find out that they had an elephant as a selection this month...so before you can say "Sale at Nordstrom" she whipped out her gift card and saved money and got herself an elephant...it is the softest and plushest by far in her menagerie.

Clockwise starting at the Top - While they stuff, the kids get to press the pedal, select a heart that goes in the animal and give it a hug to see if its squishy enough.
Alex waiting for his turn, all of the hearts get the appropriate ritual, birth certificates at the computers and happiness all around.

So there they were about 30-minutes later...Bella got a pink bear, Alex a husky dog...and Kata her elephant.

Wishing you'd take a moment to hug that teddy of yours...he knows all your secrets!

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