All Things Fooled Ya.

A conversation between Alex and me -

Alex: Mama?
Me: Yes, Alex.
Alex: Did you go to Wal-Mart today?
Me: Nope.
Alex: 'Cause I saw something on the news today about them.
Me: Oh?
Alex: Yup...they're shutting Wal-Mart down.
Me: (in a panic...because that's where I spend my waking hours it seems) Our Wal-Mart?? They're shutting it down??? Why??? It's doing so well...at least given the fact we're there every other day?? When did you see this story? On what channel???
Alex: April Fools, Mama!

I know I'm raising a future Jerry Seinfeld...and this is just the start of me being the brunt of his little jokes...oh well...it could be worse...I suppose!

Wishing you a giggle today...or later this week.

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