All Things Daddy Did It.

Please ask yourself...what is wrong with this picture??? Look at the girls' pajama bottoms??? Do they match? No. Are Kata's pajamas awfully short and Bella's awfully long? Yes.

This is the way Ken dressed the girls for bed last night...Bella had these loooooong pjs on all night, wrestling with them no doubt...but she did sleep through the night by some miracle (she usually wakes up at least once) and Kata sported capris...wouldn't be a problem but Kata's knees have already busted through a pair of brand new pjs...she wore a total of ummm three times.

No matter....here they are...our fairly well adjusted sister pair...years later they may need therapy for having us as parents...but right now...they thought it was pretty funny and they kinda liked the fact that they wore each other's pj bottoms all night long.

Ah, the long and the short of it all...wishing you a moment where you can see it both...the long...and the short.

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