All Things Splash.

In our quest to find "fun things that don't cost an arm and a leg" to do during Spring Break...one of my Mommy Friends mentioned a place called Carson Valley Swim Center...it's located in Minden, NV...for those of you not wanting to google that...it's about an hour away from us...was it worth the drive and $8.75 admission for the entire Family of Five?? Well you decide....

They have four indoor pools and one outdoor...the Little Pool (pictured) is only 2-feet deep and has these fabulous water features...that come alive at the right moment...woo-hoo! Kata and Mama pretended they were mermaids swimming away in waterfalls.

Bella just loved the balls in the pool...she held on to the Green One...claiming it for her own (a bit of a problem when the ball wandered off).

The bigger pool is Olympic sized but L-shaped where the diving boards are...look at the brave Riggsby Boys!

Then there's a pool for the waterslides...and oh, these aren't just any waterslides...they go outside the building and are two stories tall...there's a big one and a smaller one. You have to climb up stairs to get to the top of both. Ken loved it. I tried it once and inexplicably...lost all momentum at the end. Scaredy Cat Mama. I had to try it for the sake of Alex, or so I thought. Y'know to show him that it's Not That Scary. HA!

From L to R starting at the Top - Ken climbs the stairs to the top, Ken's big splash-ola, Happy Ken, Stuck Sophie.

Alex loved the slides so much that he did them about 50 times. I swear. Our little cautious boy is growing up. Sigh.

Okay, what's not pictured is the pool in which the girls and I spent the most time. The Warm Pool. 92-balmy-degrees. Lovely. Warm. Tired.

We spent two hours basking in the fun here. And we know we'll be back soon. Be forwarned Future Visitors (Auntie Daphne, listen up)...you will be dragged here...and you will thank us afterwards!

Wishing you some splashiness today.


Daphne said...

I am seriously looking forward to it!!!

Auntie Daphne

katarinasmama said...

Hey, you found the Comment section :-D...don't worry you'll be dunked, splashed and coasted down slides...I promise you a frothy beverage at the end of it all.