All Things Sleep...Over.

So today, Alex got invited to a sleepover at his BFF house...he really is thrilled...he just wanted to book on out of the house ASAP...no pics please, Mama. He's turning into a real boy...all awkward angles, miserable faces, doing his own thing, not Mama's baby anymore.

Fortunately for this Mama, I still have The Girls...

And the way they want to put on dress shoes...or if you're Bella, Kata's old tap shoes...and just be girlie. Thank you God, if ever there was a Girly Girl, it's me.

So how many things does it take to get Alex to a sleepover?

  1. a red wagon.
  2. your sisters (should count as two items but they come as a package).
  3. your own pillow (without the snowman flannel pillowcase, please, Mama change it to something not so baby-ish).
  4. a sleeping bag (it still has "The Incredibles" on it...how many more years/months before he'll want a sub-zero one from REI?).
  5. a bag containing a toothbrush and other necessities.
  6. your stuffed monkey, Howler (because its still dark at night and you're not quite ready to sleep without your stuffed animal menagerie).
  7. Beckham The Dog, because he needs to be walked and this is as good a time as any.
  8. a kiss (Mama, are you going to say "good-bye" to me?)

-Bye, Alex...I'll see you in the morning.

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