All Things Easter Bunny.

Bella still yawning...she stayed up late the night before.

So it was Easter today for everyone but Eastern Orthodox Christians...sometimes our Easter falls on the same Sunday and other times it's as much as a month apart...and this year it's the far apart version...for those curious there are good explanations out there...but basically it has to do with calendar differences and the bottom line is that the Orthodox observe the old calendar.

Alex was worried, but the Easter Bunny comes on Western Easter...as I assured Alex we're in the Western Hemisphere...so he came today...with leaps and bounds and eggs all around...this year he led the kids on a Treasure Hunt for their baskets...cute little poetry from that Bunny...and then they were off...hunting eggs outside...playing with their goodies inside. It was all one big, tiring but happy, messy morning.

From Top to Bottom, starting on the Left - hiding places the Easter Bunny used.

Hunting for eggs outside...Bella was a pro this year.

Wishing you overflowing baskets of treats this week!


Cynthia Thornton said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Great pics.

katarinasmama said...

Thanks Cynthia!! We love our holidays!!!