All Things Death Eaters.

I knew the day would come, when requests for Disney/Cartoon themed pumpkins and costumes would end. And so it has, for at least, Alex.

This year instead of a Disney Prince or a Knight, he wanted to be a Death Eater from Harry Potter. Okay, it's Harry Potter so I wasn't too sad.

Then he made the request for the pumpkin he took to his Cub Scout Pack meeting. He wanted it to look like The Headless Horseman. So I obliged. He won an award for "Best Eyes". Don't be too impressed, all the scouts get an award.

Another milestone is past us. Onto costumes that feature a cape, a mask and a hood. Hmmm. And scary pumpkin carvings. I can so get into all of those, really I can.

Enjoy letting go of some old traditions and accept the new with same amount of joy you reserved for the old. We'll try it out together and see what happens, okay?


LovesSam said...

OMG, This is friggin adorable.

Loving the death eater costume!! what a good choice :-)

katarinas mama said...

He loved it. Puffy sleeves and all.