All Things Last Preschool Field Trip Ever.

Bella's preschool took their annual field trip to Ferrari's Farm here in town. And while we go way out of the way to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm, I've got to admit that Ferrari has a nice selection and hey, they're so close.

The best part of the trip? Bella got to be bossy. She excels at that. Especially because Alex and Kata, who are Off Track from school, got to tag along.

We also got to see Bella with her friends from preschool. Here she helped a boy push the pumpkin wagon along. When I asked her what was his name. She replied by waving her hand in the air, "I don't know, he's a Panda not a Kitten." Pandas are the "grade" below her coveted Kitten level.

It was an unusually hot day, so after the quick field trip, we stopped by a nice, cool place. Yes, the Zen Palace for all Moms - Starbucks. Land of Lounge Chairs, Scones and Frappuccinos.

Note the happiness from just sitting in air conditioning.

The feeling of relief that this was going to be our Last Preschool Field Trip - EVER - was palatable from the big sister and brother. I was the only left thinking that another milestone had passed.

Wishing you a last something - ever. Be sure to notice how it passes and don't be sad, there is more adventure ahead. That, I know for sure.

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