All Things It Was A Dark and Dreary Night.

Halloween. It's the beginning of the holiday frenzy for us. And sure enough, this year, we had a gazillion things to do - Halloween Parties, Pumpkin Carving, Pumpkin Seed Roasting, Costume Decisions to be made. The list was never ending.

But the costumes were chosen, at last. A Death Eater. A Witch. And for the second year in a row, A Sleeping Princess. Yes, Bella was determined to be Princess Aurora one more time. Here's to recycling!

I wore my Witches Hat again. I mean, if the hat fits then by all means, wear it. Right?

Here's a sampling of the pumpkins we carved. The Headless Horseman's Head was carved two times. Once for scouts (see post below) and once again on Halloween. Kata requested Snow White. And Bella really wanted Ariel (again) for the second year in a row. Are you noting a trend with her?? She's a Do-Over kind of person. Bella also gussied up a little pumpkin for her Preschool Contest. She won a ribbon for "Best Use of Glitter". She is so like her Mama. One can never have enough glitter in one's life.

Below is the pumpkin our dog "helped" carve. Yes folks, it was going to be Tinkerbell but I left it on the patio and uh-huh, the dog ATE it!

Before long, it was time for the little Trick Or Treaters to go out into the night to greet everyone. So they did. One door at a time.

While Ken took the kids out, I stayed home and passed out candy. Oh, it was so fun to see all our friends and neighbors stopping by. We had about 60 little ones.

I also enjoyed my wonderful set of Twilight Pumpkins that my talented friend, Annie, carved for me. And yes, I queued "Twilight" on the Blu-ray. Why not?? It was a necessary indulgence with my glass of merlot and the spotlighted pumpkins.

This was last year's pumpkin -

And debuting this year, The New Moon Pumpkin -

I know. Annie's uber talented. The carvings are unbelievably life-like.

And where was Ken, you ask?? Well he was scooping out FIVE pumpkins and helping with the costumes. But mostly, he was enjoying these -

Wishing you a peaceful start to what will no doubt be a busy holiday season. Enjoy.


Kerrie Gurney said...

WOW - You & Annie are the queens of pumpkin carving - i quite like the one the dog helped out with too :) the children looked fantastic as did you with the gorgeous hat - i still can't belive you eat the seeds - i was sure they were not for human consumption ...

Katie said...

you are talented w/ your pumpkins! Wow! your kiddos are adorable! Yes, if the witch hat fits, of course you should wear it. *dies laughing* I do love the hat!

katarinas mama said...

Kerrie- I bow to Annie's AMAZING expertise. I just use one of those battery operated Pumpkin Masters knives. LOL. And a color book as a template. I'm all about free hand drawing with a Sharpie!! But thank you. Pumpkin seeds are delish roasted. Wash seeds. Lightly oil pan. Toss seeds with some salt. Bake at 325 for about an hour. Chew the entire seed and I recommend washing it down with a good beer. I know you have those Down Under - yum! Try it next year!

Katie. Of course, the hat fits. It's like a The Sorting Hat in Harry Potter. LOL. I am Gryffindor, all the time. Okay, sometimes Slytherin. I concede *wicked grin*.

marye~ said...

Dang, your blog is looking fabulous darlin'. Maybe I should have you make over mine, since I'm way too lazy to gussy it up!
The costumes are amazing. You are the most darlin' witch that side of the Mississippi River and that was some death eater, wrong side of course, but we already discussed that. The pumpkins were phenomenal. Your friend is talented, I won't comment on the dogs talents because I don't want you to have to relive that tragic moment. Can't wait until 10-20 when we get to see the "real" New Moon pumpkins, lol! love ya, m~

katarinas mama said...

Thank you, Marye!! ROTFL. Yes, we had a TON of fun!!