All Things Ever the Same.

We celebrated 16 years of marriage on September 4th but we postponed our anniversary present until October 17th for a very good reason. You see my all time favorite singer/composer/rock star, Rob Thomas, was coming to Reno. Yeah. I know, imagine my joy upon reading this information on his blog.

But, Ken did something special. I mean you guys know he can't be like my favorite fictional characters because he is, well, a Real Guy BUT-he has his moments. I had no idea he actually paid attention to the email I forwarded which was full of teenage girl squeeishness and a request that perhaps, even though we couldn't afford it, maybe just maybe this show could be our Anniversary Present. But, he listened. He did, indeed. He pre-ordered the tickets and managed to get 10th row center at the Reno Events Center.

Sixteen years of marriage and he can still recognize a Good Thing when he sees it. Imagine my relief and yes, by all means, sheer delight.

It was one of our Best Date Nights. Grandma Sandi was here to assure that the kids would be well taken care of and we left the house at five in the afternoon, determined to enjoy our evening.

Have I mentioned why I love living in Reno yet? Yes, well, I have but not in a while. Reason No. 568 Why I Love Living in Reno - downtown is 15 minutes away. Yes, folks and the parking is free. And easy to get in and out of. No queues. No horrible waits to leave the dang parking lot after events. Just zoom in and out. Lovely.

So after a wonderful dinner, we marched into the concert and were amazed by the two opening bands - Carolina Liar and One Republic. For those who remember what it was like to attend concerts in college, this was just like that. The opening bands were as good as the headliner.

Speaking of the headliner, Rob walked out and announced he was going to play for two solid hours and a little over or until they made him shut off the equipment. And so he did. It was amazing. He sang songs he never sang in concert before. He brought out the opening bands to help him. He just rocked it. Go see him. You won't regret it. It ranks as one of our Best Date Nights. Ever.

And yes, I snuck up to get a pic with my iPhone camera. Some things never change. Some things stay the same. Ever the same. Enjoy one of my favorite songs of his below.

Here's a song that he left off of his cradlesongs album and as he said, "I immediately regretted it." It's about a Date Night with his wife. Enjoy those Date Nights, like we did. They remind you of why you started on this journey in the first place.


The Inquisitor said...

You guys are so adorable. You look beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS on your 16 yrs! LOVE the videos!!

katarinas mama said...

Bless you, darlin'. We had fun and it shows. It was such a great escape for uh, like 7 hours total!! We got home just like Cinderella, a little past midnight.

Kerrie Gurney said...

Congrats on your 16th Anniversary and i too love Rob Thomas, he is not as good as my Keith (Urban) but so very close. I am glad you both had a wonderful date night

katarinas mama said...

Thanks Kerrie!! I love Keith Urban, too. Have you seen him in concert?? I need to make sure I do if he's ever in town.