All Things Student of the Month.

At Double Diamond Elementary School there are a number of ways you can become Student of the Month. But mostly it has to do to sticking to the core principles that every student needs to be Respectful, Responsible and Safe.

Right before she went Off Track (we're in Year Round school), Kata received a Student of the Month Award for exemplary achievement in the area of Responsibility. She came home with a beautiful certificate, her name on the main bulletin board at school and a free kids meal at Mimi's Cafe.

I've got to share that the management staff at Mimi's makes a Big Deal out of this, coming over to the table and congratulating the student and their parents on a job well done. I love when local places support academic goals.

So I challenge you to do the same. See how you can support your local public schools. They need your help in these extremely tough times. Schools often suffer the first round of budget cuts. So think about volunteering, or donating some books you may have lying around, or even calling the office and seeing what kind of supplies a particular teacher may need. Help them and you will help a future generation and I promise you'll feel great doing it.

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