All Things Anacondas.

Alex is on a soccer team that he helped name - The Anacondas. They have a pretty even record this year and his skills continue to improve. There he is in the bottom row, second from the left. He's squinting against the wind and the sun.

The best part of watching Alex play these last five and a half years is that he really has improved. He may not be the best player on the field but each year he manages to be The Most Improved. I love the fact that he enjoys playing and growing and stretching in something that doesn't come easily to him. That fact alone showcases his personality for you. Sometimes, it's good to just get in there and try and be proud of yourself for just being in the moment and participating.

Try to do that today. Participate in something that might not be second nature to you. Go on and stretch.


marye~ said...

Alex, that's totally awesome! Soccer is such a great sport. I'm sure Harry P would have played, you know if he wasn't a fictional warlock that flew around on a broom playing Quidditch. Have a great season and show everyone what an anaconda can do!

katarinas mama said...

Thanks Ms. Marye. Alex smiled at your kind words!! He is loving it. Perhaps just because of Quidditch!!