All Things Graduate.

It was an incredible day. At last, Kata was going to be a Kindergarten graduate.

Everyone was well rehearsed and the audience was hushed waiting for the show to start. Most of you know the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Well, the Kindergartners presented a puppet show based on that story.

There were even Special Guest Stars - like daddies who showed up just to see that one performance.

But the true stars were the little graduates, except now they didn't look so very little.

And a wonderful teacher, named Mrs. Kirch, whose praises I could sing pretty much all day. She is everything a Kindergarten teacher should be - colorful, happy, giddy with excitement, firm when she has to be and most of all, she's magical. Shhh, don't tell her we've noted that last ability.

The time came for the graduates to receive their confirmation that yes, indeed they were moving on to First Grade. Okay, they were Report Cards not diplomas but work with me for a second, please.

And then, Mrs. Kirch made that announcement. I had forgotten it from Alex's Graduation. She said, "Welcome to the Class of 2021". Yeah. That one got me. Misty eyed. Wow. Once again, time took on its own trajectory and it was a little too dizzying and rapid for me to digest at that moment. But, I could see her as a High School Graduate. Ready to face the world at large. And it moved me incredibly.

Fortunately for our lucky Mrs. Kirch , we're happy to remind her that she's not done with the Riggsbys. Here is her Past, Present and Future Student reminder.

And the obligatory "round 'em all up photo". Notice the painfully posed expressions.

One more photo, just for me. To remind me just how far my first daughter and I have come in these six and a half years. The little baby born on New Year's Eve 2002 was now a Kindergarten Graduate.

Wishing you a graduation moment. Go ahead remember those milestones and the feelings they brought forth in you. See? I know what you're thinking - wow.

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