All Things Four.

Oh, a fourth birthday was upon us on June 6th. And as our new tradition dictated, the celebrant woke up to special Birthday pancakes. Yes, those are number 4s and letter Bs. Just for a certain you-know-who.

The morning also started off with a really wet soccer game. It was the last of the season. And the wettest by far. Alex has improved this season by leaps and bounds. Both coaches commented on how far he'd come in his playing style. In this game, he made an assist and helped a team mate score a goal. Awesome work, dude!

But the day, was about the newly crowned Four Year Old in our lives. And while brother was off making perfect passes, she was in ballet practicing her routine for the recital. That's her with her hands clapping in the air.

And when practice was over, in the long standing tradition of the Nevada Dance Academy, Ms. Diane hoisted the celebrant who donned on that Special Hey, I Have A Cake On My Head hat and everyone circled around them to sing "Happy Birthday."

Never far from the center of the action, the patient Big Sister, Kata was ready to help with an assist of her own, in this case, a smile and a hug.

We asked Bella where she wanted to go for her Birthday Lunch. She chose Buffalo Wild Wings. I was suprised that she chose a family friendly, sports bar atmosphere so I clarified, "Are you sure?" Ever determined to get her wish, she replied, "It's Daddy's favorite restaurant." Can we all mouth the words "Daddy's Girl"? Well at least, they have crowns there.

They also have really funny napkins. This one said, "I'll listen if you talk about me."

After lunch, we went to see "Up." But Kata desperately wanted a picture in front of the HP6 poster. Wonder why? Glance up at my Countdown there on the side bar. Yeah. Almost here. And she adores Hermione. Kata has good taste like her Mama.
When we came home, it was time for presents. And she got a scooter of her own. Pink, of course. And now she can happily keep up with Bubby and Sissy on their sleek Razors.

Then the cake...just keep focused on Bella's expression.

Her excitement was pure and delightful. It was a day All About Her.

Many thanks to all the well wishers. She was thrilled by the many, many greetings on twitter and facebook as well as all the happy phone calls.

Another milestone is past us. As I look at her expression on the stairs, I can completely see the fourteen year old who will no doubt be talking on her cell phone in ten years.

Sometimes that rapid passage of time scares me. So before it trickles away, be sure to schedule in a day that's All About You. Go ahead and indulge. And yes, by all means, let there be frosting on that day.

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